Why do we exist?

The Pillar Network exists to cooperate with local churches, individuals, and businesses to promote church planting and church revitalization in North America.

How do we cooperate?

The primary goal of cooperation within the Pillar Network is to equip each church to become a church planting church that multiplies disciples and sends them out to plant and revitalize churches.

How do I get involved?

God has given each individual specific gifts in order to increase the kingdom of God. The Pillar Network exists to assist each believer in knowing and living out their role in church planting. If you are a pastor of an established church, an individual desiring to plant a church, or a church member who wants to use your gifts for church planting and revitalization efforts, click here to get involved.


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Conflict With Church Members

Adam Darnell Conflict 0

A few years into my ministry at South Durham Church, a church member lost her grandfather. The two of them were very close. I was also very close with this member’s husband. But, being a new pastor, and very green, I followed up with the church member and her husband, if memory serves, all of… continue reading »

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2017 Pillar Network Women's Retreat

June 7-9 in Charleston, SC

$125/per person

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