Why do we exist?

The Pillar Network exists to cooperate with local churches, individuals, and businesses to promote church planting and church revitalization in North America.

How do we cooperate?

The primary goal of cooperation within the Pillar Network is to equip each church to become a church planting church that multiplies disciples and sends them out to plant and revitalize churches.

How do I get involved?

God has given each individual specific gifts in order to increase the kingdom of God. The Pillar Network exists to assist each believer in knowing and living out their role in church planting. If you are a pastor of an established church, an individual desiring to plant a church, or a church member who wants to use your gifts for church planting and revitalization efforts, click here to get involved.


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Spiritual Sickness

Matt Rogers Spiritual Health 0

I’m not exactly sure how I got there. I assume there were numerous factors that caused it. But, one day I just woke up in a funk. I was apathetic about things that once drove me to action. I was lethargic in my daily responsibilities, listless in the things that should give me joy. My… continue reading »

Worship Through Ordinances

Alex DiPrima Worship 0

Historically, Baptists have not been known for deep reflection on sacramental theology. Though one might find happy exceptions in our history, we as Baptists have not always evidenced a rich appreciation for the place and power of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper in the life and worship of the church. I hope… continue reading »

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The Pillar Network Golf Tournament

September 26, 2016

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Upcoming Events

7/6- GA Coaching (10:30-12) & Midwest Coaching (2-3)

7/13- North East Coaching (9-10:30am) & SC Coaching (10:30-12)

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