Update from Girdwood, Alaska. That's right, Alaska!

jason_lankford_familyJason Lankford from True North Church writes:

When people think of Church Planting, so many of them think of the final product, being the Church. But for a church planter there is so much that goes on before that. My family has been talking and planning for our move since October 2013, so to finally be here in Girdwood, Ak is a bit surreal. This has been the most exciting journey for us and we have seen God’s faithfulness over and over again but that does not mean that it has been easy in any way. We had our timing and timelines for when things would happen and God had His, and looking back His were so much better. The lessons that we have learned through this journey are to many to count but we will share a couple. It may sound simple and non earth shattering but ‘God is in control.’

In moments when things seemed to be going the wrong way this was a very comforting reminder. Here is an example. When I (Jason) left Arkansas with a 4000 mile drive before me we still did not have a home lined up for us to live. We had looked and looked and nothing had come available. I left on a Sunday and would arrive the following Friday and it was not until Thursday that I received a call from my wife telling me I had a place to unload the trailer. I can’t tell you how nerve-racking it was to be driving a trailer across the country (and Canada) with no place to drive it to, but God, being in control the whole time, provided a place for us to live. The second lesson learned is ‘there is no better journey than the one that God is leading you on.’ The back story is too long to go into, but for our family to be in Girdwood, Ak planting a Church is something that we could not dream up even if we wanted to. This journey is the most fun I have ever had. Again, don't hear me say that everything has gone perfect, but God’s journey for us is perfect for us.