Top 10 Summer Blogs


In this next segment of our summer blog series at Pillar Network, we turn attention to ten blogs to read this summer. As you can imagine, narrowing our focus to just ten blogs is an impossible challenge. We could write this segment a hundred times and there would still be more to say. Therefore, the following is just one attempt to share with you ten blogs that are impacting church planters, their wives, and their congregations.

Ladies First – Three Blogs

Since I’m not the best authority on blogs especially helpful to women, a friend of mine named Kristi James provided her favorites. She suggested these:

Grace Covers Me is a blog by Christine Hoover. Readers may recognize her name from her two books, The Church Planter’s Wife and From Good to Grace. Christine addresses Christian women with a compassionate heart and biblical truth.

Another helpful and winsome blog is Shari Thomas. Shari is one of the founders of a ministry to church planting wives among PCA churches.

The last, but not least, of these blogs for ladies is And Babies Don't Keep. by the friend I mentioned above. Kristi is married to a church plant pastor in NC, where they live with their three daughters. She writes about ministry, parenting, and other practical topics from a biblical worldview.

For Pastors – Three Blogs

First, we would be remiss if we didn’t encourage the continued reading of the blog you’re reading now. The Pillar Network blog strives to encourage and equip leaders and churches to fulfill the Great Commission through healthy church planting. If you’re reading this through a third-party site or app, here’s the link to our blog:

Another blog helpful for theology and ministry is that of Founders, a ministry dedicated to confessional, covenantal, baptistic ministry.

Next, consider checking out The Gospel Coalition blog. This page will provide you with not one, but twelve excellent blogs; each of them about ministry, theology, church leadership, and life.

About Culture – Four Blogs

We minister within an ever-changing culture; and with those changes come enormous opportunities for the gospel. Understanding the cultural revolutions happening around us will strengthen our resolve to seize the day. Here are four blogs strong in cultural commentary: Dr. Al Mohler is the president of The Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and a leading biblical voice in our modern culture.

Moore to the Point Dr. Russell Moore is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, the policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Denny Burk Blog Denny Burk is pastor, author, and college professor in Kentucky, as well the recently appointed president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Bruce Ashford Blog Dr. Bruce Ashford is Professor of Theology and Culture at Southeastern Seminary where he also serves as Fellow for the Bush Center for Faith and Culture.

One more thing. To help you keep track of your blog reading, try Feedly. It's great!

There you have it. Ten blogs for your summer reading (twenty-one blogs, if you look closely). Now, what are you waiting for? Get to reading, learning, and growing.