Tim Dale NACPF Advance Teams

ADVANCETim Dale serves as a key leader with the Advance Team initiative of the North American Church Planting Foundation. Here is Tim Dale explaining a bit more about the importance of Advance Teams in and around our church planting network. ------------------------------------------------

The Advance Team of the NACPF is comprised of men and women, throughout North America, with a heart for church planting and church revitalization. The team includes business people, entrepreneurs, professionals, and others who desire to extend the resource base of support for church planting work. They are partners who are willing to give of their financial resources, time, leadership experience and other skills to help advance the effectiveness of the ministry.

Advance Team members understand the biblical vision for multiplication, including the planting of new healthy churches or revitalizing other churches. The nations are coming to our cities, the gospel needs to meet them there. The Advance Team has a unique appreciation for the ministry model of the NACPF; a model that is not only biblical but effective. They have seen how the NACPF addresses historic threats and obstacles to sustainable church planting. The NACPF approach, especially through Advance Teams includes:

      -A network of prepared, committed and like minded church planting churches


      -Focused mentoring and leadership by experienced church leaders


      -Ongoing networking by church planters that facilitates learning


      -Careful selection and training of prospective planters


      -A plurality of leadership in each new work


    -Strategically locating plants in growing and diverse areas.

Advance Team members are encouraged to give financially to the ministry umbrella of the NACPF and to come alongside a church planting team. Giving of time allows Advance Team members to visit, encourage, advise, and help locate resources. This is more than money; this is relational. As a retired business man, and probably the oldest of the NACPF church planters, I am excited to give to a ministry that is biblical in model, effective in practice, and bearing much fruit for the mission Christ gave us - A mission to Go and Make Disciples.

If you would like to learn more about the Advance Team please contact me, Tim Dale (by email). You can also learn more at by exploring the NACPF website. May God bless you, and may you consider how to Advance the gospel with us.

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