They Know Thy Voice

"Ours is a noisy world. An endless cacophony of voices clamors for our attention every day. The incessant ping of our cell phones reminds us that we are always on call. Some of these voices overtly seek to lure our hearts away from God, toward the wicked desires of our hearts. More often, these voices are seemingly mundane and sterile, like the viral video of a fight between a porcupine and a hippo (or something equally mind-numbing). Our social media accounts, blogs, radios, and TVs are vying for our attention and trying to influence our actions. The subtle danger of the unrelenting noise in our lives is that we may miss the voice of God. In John’s gospel, Jesus equates his care for God’s people to that of a shepherd and the sheep entrusted to his care. Like a good shepherd, Jesus leads his sheep to safety (v. 9), suffers to ensure their care (v. 11), protects them from harm (v. 12), and has thorough knowledge of their needs (v. 14). His shepherding stands in stark contrast to thieves and robbers who come only to steal, kill, and destroy (v. 10). Those who are truly God’s sheep know the difference between the two..." Read the rest of the article featured on GCD Discipleship here.

Christian LifeMatt Rogers