The Sentral Team Arrives in OKC

The Sentral Church team in Oklahoma City arrived during the first two weeks of June 2014. The entire team came from First Baptist Church of Roswell, NM where David Miller served as the Community Pastor for 2 ½ years as well as Interim Pastor for the last 10 months. This is the beginning of a great adventure for the gospel in Oklahoma City. David states, "The biggest impact of the move on our church was increasing our excitement to begin meeting the community and looking for open relationship to engage with the gospel. Our desire is to start small discipleship groups as soon as possible with those who show interest in the idea of following Jesus."

The most important part of the team’s move from Roswell, NM was trusting our Lord with all of the details involved in enduring the challenges of relocation. There was no way any one person could handle all of the logistics let alone the needs to still be met by the team. And while one family is still in need of employment, the Sentral team is moving forward together by faith.

The short path so far has been full of lessons, as well. One lesson learned in the transition was the mundane nature of the move. "We, in many ways, anticipated the relocation and looked forward to starting work in our neighborhoods in Oklahoma City," says Miller. "Although we didn't expect it, no one in our neighborhood was waiting for our U-haul to show up so they could here the gospel and join our church." Leaving Roswell and the churches anticipation of the church was nothing like arriving in a new place, where the team knows only one another and must depend on each other.

And the first gathering of the Sentral team was on Father's Day 2014. Please continue to pray for the Millers, Jenkins, and Densmores.