Summer LINK Update

GLINK BlogSummer LINK 2015 is quickly approaching! Summer LINK is a discipleship program through the local church that provides 6-10 week missions opportunities at national and international locations. To learn more about Summer LINK please visit Summer LINK will be in ten locations this summer: Anderson, SC, Boston, Clemson, SC, Columbus, OH, Greenville, SC, Honduras, India, Miami, Raleigh, and Seattle. Planning for Summer LINK is going well! There was a great turnout for a Summer LINK briefing a few weeks ago and around 70 students were in attendance. In addition, we are excited to be debriefing this year in Nashville at the Send NA Conference. All Summer LINK participants will be gathering together and hearing about how God has been at work through each of the 10 teams.

Summer LINK applications are still being accepted! There is still a need for a few more participants to go to Boston, there is one more male spot for Seattle, and there are two more male spots for Honduras. If you or someone at your church is interested in applying to Summer LINK, please contact me at