Summer is for Sending: Summer LINK 2015 Update (6 Week National Locations)

God is at work in advancing His Kingdom through Summer LINK 2015. It is evident in stories shared that lives are being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Participants are growing in their love for Christ, His church, and the lost as they serve through local churches in cities nationally and internationally. This week our focus is on our 6-week national opportunities in Boston (MA), Columbus (OH), Miami (FL), and Seattle (WA). Cities of vast influence, boasting in greatness, and yet, spiritually, overcome by darkness. There is desperate need of the gospel in these locations rich in ethnic, religious, generational, socioeconomic, and academic diversity. Summer LINK teams have the opportunity to display and declare the gospel to a lost and dying world as laborers on mission for Christ.

Summer LINK Boston


The Summer LINK Boston team is advancing the gospel through serving with Redemption Hill Church under the leadership of Area Director, Jon Chasteen, and Summer LINK Directors, Chandler Gibbs and Anna Slay. The team serves throughout the summer in intentional evangelism, community outreach, and through various ministries within the church.

There are two specific serve efforts to the city of Medford that Summer LINK Boston takes a primary lead in, Soccer Nights (free soccer clinic to the community) and Serve Medford (week long community outreach project). Bradley Moore recounts his experience at Soccer Nights as an awesome opportunity to be a part of to serve the community and make connections with the lost of Medford. He was humbled to see a few friends they had made from Soccer Nights join them the following Sunday.

Next week, the team will kick off Serve Medford, joined by Summer LINK Clemson, and other partnering churches, for a week of intentional serve efforts in the Medford Community. Pray that they would labor well these last two weeks and continue to expect great things from God as He uses them to advance the Kingdom.

Summer LINK Columbus


The Summer LINK Columbus team, led by Area Director Rush Witt, is serving through Paramount Church of Bexley, OH. On a visit with the team, Jeremy Chasteen, Generation LINK Director, and his family were able to participate in Paramount’s community fun night as well as worship with them on a Sunday morning. They shared of sweet fellowship amongst the congregation at Paramount and evidence of God’s work throughout their community.

The team, along with church members and volunteers, were able to participate in a weeklong effort to serve the city and share the gospel at Crossover, an event leading up to the Southern Baptist Convention held in Columbus. For the duration of the summer, the team helped Paramount reach out to the community by serving in block parties, building meaningful relationships with international students at Ohio State, and showing the love of Christ in the Bexley Community. Pray for the many follow up conversations taking place as the team seeks to advance the gospel in Columbus.

Summer LINK Miami


This year we had the opportunity to develop two teams in Miami, each serving in different capacities alongside Providence Road Church. The first team, led by Area Director, Jesse Crowley, and Summer LINK Director, Lauren Pippen, is serving in various ministries and capacities within the church. The second team, led by Directors, Micah Greene and Anna Grace Watkins, is pioneering for future church planting efforts in Miami and partnering as well with Generation Send (NAMB).

Anna Grace Watkins describes Providence Road as a people “passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and about seeing the people of Miami transformed by the saving power of the Gospel through the preaching of God’s Word.” The Summer LINK team has been tasked with living as missionaries in an ethnically diverse city with the hopes of creating a church-planting prospectus to help future planters.

God has been gracious to provide opportunities to engage the people of Miami with the gospel and an invitation to connect with Providence Road. Let’s pray for the team as they continue to declare the gospel, engage the neighborhoods of Miami, as well as write a prospectus, a valuable resource to future church planters.

Summer LINK Seattle










The Summer LINK Seattle team serves together through Essential Church under the leadership of Area Director, Warren Mainard, and Directors, Brett Windsor and Katelin Domanski. This team has fostered rich community with one another through living and serving together.

The Summer LINK team has experienced great growth through regularly reading the Word, praying together with one another, leading devotionals, and memorizing Scripture. This strong foundation has been a springboard for the team as they jumped into Love Bellevue, a two-week outreach campaign put on by Essential Church to the community.

It was my privilege to attend week one of Love Bellevue, which consisted of Camp R.A.W.K (Rowdy and Wild Kids), a modified Vacation Bible School. I was encouraged to watch our Summer LINK team plan, execute, and lead Essential’s first ever Vacation Bible School and close the week with a block party to the community. As Katelin Domanski shares, “Over 100 people showed up for the party and Pastor Warren was able to speak with several locals about Christ and what Essential Church does and believes.” Many were impacted through these two weeks and several came to faith in Christ. Pray for the many children and families who heard about the gospel of Christ, many for the first time.

Please pray for these Summer LINK participants and their respective churches as they seek to finish the summer well. Be on the lookout for next week’s post, which will highlight our international opportunities. In the mean time, you can witness much of the action through Instagram by searching #summerlink15.

Go make disciples for the Kingdom!

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