Sabbath Rest and Flourishing Conference

On March 23rd and 24th, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary will, for the first time, host a free conference focused solely on the fourth commandment, or, Sabbath Rest. It is no secret that we live in a fast-paced cultured dominated by real time news, social media, and the tyranny of the urgent. Culturally speaking, the days of front porch fellowship and lazy Sunday afternoons seem to be but a distant memory. Among clergy, problems associated with this always-on, 24/7 lifestyle are especially evident. The Barna Group reports that:

•    90% of pastors report working between 55-75 hours per week

•    50% of pastors report feeling unable to meet the demands of their jobs

•    70% constantly fight depression

•    50% of pastors starting out will not last 5 years

•    50% of pastors’ marriages end in divorce

•    70% of pastors do not have a close friend

We find these statistics simply alarming and, in an effort to serve local pastors and the local church, SEBTS has partnered with a like-minded organization called Blessed Earth to offer a select few area pastors the opportunity to slow down and consider the implications of Sabbath Rest on their personal life, family, and ministry. This  conference is made possible through a generous grant given by Blessed Earth and will feature Dr. Matthew Sleeth and his wife Nancy as well as Dr. Danny Akin, Dr. Mark Liederbach and Dr. Seth Bible.

You can read more about the conference here. To register for the conference, click here and enter the password “Sabbath” (no quotations when entering password).

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