Questions to Prepare Our Hearts for Worship


As another week passes and another Sunday arrives, we should ask one another: Are you ready to gather together again? Sunday is a special day! A day we think of as the highlight of our week. And in that case, it is a day that deserves forethought. For every Christian, a certain preparation for Sunday is in order. Even some meditation on a few simple questions can help us prepare our hearts to worship and hear from God. Questions like: -Is my body rested and ready to give the Lord my attention on this Lord's Day? -Is my heart prepared to sing to the Lord for all He has done for me? -Are my ears tuned to His word so that I can hear important truth for my life? -Is my mouth ready to speak gospel truth to by brothers and sisters when we gather? -Is my courage up to meet new people and welcome them to my church? -Have I invited and prayed for others who will join me today?

You can make questions like these a regular part of your weekend meditation, and be better prepared to serve in and be the Church this Sunday.

What are some questions you ask yourself to prepare for Sunday? Please leave your comments below.

UncategorizedRush Witt