Preaching Series: Introduction


For the hard working preacher, preaching is hard work. Each sermon requires hour upon hour of prayerful study, meditation, reflection, research, writing, and a host of other necessary disciplines. The all-sufficient Word of God contains, in each passage, a world of truth to mine from the holy deposit of Scripture.

But before the good work of sermon preparation can be done, the preacher must answer an often overlooked question:

  • What do I preach?
  • What book?
  • What passage?
  • In some cases, what topic?

In this month’s Pillar Network Blog Series, we eavesdrop on a conversation between two faithful pastors who preach the Word in season and out of season. We look to them for key insights for deciding what to preach and why? What criteria should we consider when planning a series; whether expositional or topical? How do we know what our churches need to hear?

Dr. Bill Curtis is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Florence, South Carolina. Ken Rucker serves as Senior Pastor/Elder of NewBranch Community Church in Dacula, Georgia. It is our joy to join Bill and Ken for this month’s discussion around the ministry of faithful preaching. We hope that you will join us over the next few weeks as we share this series on preaching and the discussion between Dr. Bill Curtis and Pastor Ken Rucker.

>>>What are some things you'd like to see discussed in this series? What are questions you have about preaching? Please leave your comments and feedback below.<<<

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