Preaching Series: Conclusion

This has been an excellent blog post series on choosing what we preach: Read IntroductionPart One, Part Two, and Part Three. Here is a summary of the points we've considered:

1. Pray for wisdom to discern the best content for your flock.

2. Consider your congregation's needs carefully ahead of time.

3. In particular, know your congregation's diet of Scripture. What are they lacking? What other nourishments from Scripture do they need?

4. Prepare a flexible preaching calendar, and ask for help from others respected pastors, leaders, or key lay people in your church.

5. After you have planned well, preach well. Give all of yourself to the plan you have determined with the Lord's help.

6. Trust the Lord's sovereign care in your planning, and only change your sermon in emergency situations. 

Please feel free to engage this topic more by commenting on any of the posts in this series. And to read more about planning to preach well, consider these resources.

Engaging Exposition by Bill Curtis and Danny Akin

Planning Your Preaching by Stephen Rummage

PreachingRush Witt