Praise for the book Aspire

bookrecommThe NACPF recommends Aspire to pastors, churches, and ministry leaders everywhere. But don't take our word for it. See what others are saying... Matt Rogers’ Aspire is a theologically-sound and missionally-savvy workbook for pastors to use when raising up young leaders in their churches. He helps pastors build a leadership pipeline in three semes- ters which center on the three concepts of gospel, ministry, and mission. Rogers is the perfect person to write the book—he has nearly 20 years of experience as a church planter and pastor and is a Ph.D. candidate at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Highly recommended. —Bruce Ashford Provost and Associate Professor of Theology & Culture Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Aspire is just what the church has needed to equip it in theologically grounded, yet practical, ways to make disciples! Matt Rogers is not coming at this subject as a theorist, but he is a practitioner who has labored tirelessly in the context of the local church to live out the principles found on these pages. You will enjoy reading and then implementing what you discover in this book. —Aaron Coe Vice President for Mobilization and Marketing North American Mission Board

Matt Rogers has provided a thorough and comprehensive tool for making solid disciples. It is a resource that demands time and commitment. As Matt says, “It is better to train disciples well than to train them quickly.” We live in a day when we can no longer have disciples who only go an inch deep. The world needs to see men and women who know God’s Word, have a grasp on biblical doctrine, and who know how to live the Christian life successfully. With this resource, churches will be producing disciples who truly impact the world for Christ. —Dr. Greg Faulls Senior Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Owensboro, Kentucky Adjunct Professor, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

In Aspire, Matt Rogers has given the church a gift. Not merely a book that addresses the concept in theory, but a practical book that walks with us as we walk with others into a deeper relationship with Christ. If you care about making disciples through the local church, this book should be a welcome addition to your library. —Micah Fries, Vice President, Lifeway Research

If we are going to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission, it will happen on the backs of Spirit-filled disciple makers. I am thrilled that Matt Rogers has put together such high quality content in a format that is not only easy to use but which also facilitates reproduction and multiplication. May God use Aspire to catalyze a fresh and multiplying disciple-making culture in all our churches! —Mark Liederbach, Ph.D. Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture, Vice President, Dean of Students Research Fellow for the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

The great need for local churches is to empower their members and mobilize them to fulfill the Great Commission. Before we can send out qualified church planters and missionaries, they need to be equipped through a mentor-driven discipleship plan. This is why I appreciate what Matt Rogers has given us with Aspire. Now we have a resource to help people reach their God-given potential for min- istry and mission as they grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Aspire teaches us that God can transform people’s lives through growth in: (1) what they know, (2) who they are, (3) what they do, and (4) how they love. I am excited to implement this well-rounded approach to discipleship in my church and in our church-planting training. I am also excited for local church leaders to have this valuable resource at their disposal. —Dr. Dwayne Milioni, Lead Pastor, Open Door Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC; Board Chairman, The North American Church Planting Foundation; Assistant Professor of Preaching, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Matt Rogers has done a great service for the cause of Christ! Discipleship is the need of the day, and he gives us a guide that is practical, workable, and effective. You will benefit from this manual in meaning- ful, eternal ways as you apply the principles and live out the methodology. Aspire will make a difference in your life and in your church. Use it! —Dr. Doug Munton, Senior Pastor, FBC O’Fallon, IL

After teaching almost 25 years—20 at Southeastern Seminary—I sometimes need to be reminded of why I teach. Students like Matt Rogers take their education and apply it well to their real ministries. Matt has done just that with this book. We are called not merely to win converts but to make disciples, and Matt has given us a great plan to develop disciple-making disciples of Jesus. I for one am inspired by Aspire! —Dr. Alvin Reid Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministry and the Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

In Aspire, Matt offers a framework for discipleship that comes from his personal journey as a “disciple- making practitioner.” Churches and pastors worldwide are starving for a method of discipleship that is both reproducing and reproducible. Matt offers a clear and concise path that anyone could use to make disciples. Every church should have Aspire in their toolbox for making disciples! —Steve Wright Pastor of Discipleship and Church Planting, First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach, FL

On Back Cover: Every follower of Christ should be a disciple-maker because Jesus gave the Great Commission to every believer. Matt’s book gives a disciple-making roadmap to those who are ready to take up their Great Commission callings. Churches and individuals who put into practice what this book teaches will find their lives and their congregations dramatically transformed. —Dr. Kevin Ezell, President, North American Mission Board

Matt Rogers isn't someone who just talks about discipleship. He is a disciple-maker—a pastor who has thought carefully about how believers can grow from gospel roots and become servants and leaders in the church. Aspire is the result of his fruitful thinking and activity. —Trevin Wax, Managing Editor of The Gospel Project, author of Gospel-Centered Teaching, Clear Winter Nights, and Counterfeit Gospels

In Aspire, Matt Rogers has provided pastors with an excellent resource for developing disciples in the local church. For years, the problem hasn’t been a lack of desire by pastors; it has been a lack of a practical, reproducible, and theologically sound model to aid in the task. Aspire does just that, and that’s why we use it in our church! —Dr. Bill Curtis, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Darlington, SC; Award-winning author of Engaging Exposition

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