NACPF Pastors Release Book Today

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00025]Matt Rogers and Dr. Donny Mathis, pastors at The Church At Cherrydale which partners with the NACPF, published a new book that came out today: Seven Arrows: Aiming Bible Readers in the Right Direction. In Seven Arrows, Matt and Dr. Mathis aim to teach church members in a simple, clear, and reproducible way how to read the Bible for themselves. The book can be ordered here. Often, as you survey church members, you find that Christians feel inadequate and unable to read the Bible for themselves and discern its meaning. Believers frequently rely too heavily on weekly podcasts and Bible devotion books where material is already dissected for them and all they have to do is lazily listen. Matt and Dr. Mathis desire for people to read, understand, and apply the Word of God to their lives every day and not rely on pastors and church leaders to spoon-feed them. That is why they have taken the simple Bible reading hermeneutic of “Seven Arrows” and turned it into an accessible book. Seven Arrows is designed to be a discipleship tool that local churches can use to equip people to not only feast on the Scriptures, but also on the one who has prepared the feast!

If you are a pastor, church planter, or church member, Matt and Dr. Mathis would love your help in spreading this resource. Please consider helping in the following ways:

  • Give a copy to someone you are discipling and use it to help them understand how to study the Bible for themselves
  • Use the book in a small group or Bible study class
  • Push people to the book via social media or personal blogs
  • Write a review on Amazon to help others gage the book’s content and helpfulness
  • Put a few copies in your church bookstore and recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to read the Bible well
  • Invite Matt Rogers and Dr. Mathis to come teach a conference about how to use the Seven Arrows method for studying the Bible
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