NACPF and Trinity Life Church Featured in the Biblical Recorder

The Biblical Recorder featured Trinity Life Church located in Toronto today in this article. Trinity Life Church was planted by Daniel Yang and Mike Seaman and is part of the NACPF. Trinity Life Church also partners closely with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the North American Mission Board. You can read an excerpt about this partnership below: "Open Door Baptist Church in Raleigh has also been involved mainly through the North American Church Planting Foundation (NACPF), which the church hosts in its facilities. Open Door’s pastor, Dwayne Milioni, serves as NACPF’s board chairman, and Zach Nelson, director, operates the day-to-day ministry. NACPF has been involved with Trinity Life for almost two years. The church’s growth has been 'unexpected outside of recognizing God’s grace,' Nelson said. He stresses the importance of coaching or mentoring and developing the essentials of a healthy church.

'Communicating the Word of God that can in many ways be timeless and at the same time cross geographic boundaries' can be difficult said Nelson. But that happens when leaders learn to listen and encourage the planters to find the context that works for them without changing the gospel.

NACPF’s goal is to link Southern Baptist churches with like-minded churches to help them encourage one another in ministry. In cases like Trinity Life, where there are young pastors who have never planted a church, it’s helpful for them to talk to experienced church planters. 'What we are trying to provide is a healthy picture of what association looks like,' said Nelson, who has been NACPF’s director since 2011.

The foundation began in 2009 and consists of more than 40 cooperating churches working together to plant other churches.

Nelson said the hope is that Trinity Life becomes a hub where NACPF and NAMB’s Farm System can send future church planters to learn the ministry while working within a church. They then will take what they learn to other areas and plant more churches.

NACPF’s connection with SEBTS helps church planters as well. They provide a bridge to theological education for the planters on the field.

SEBTS is also involved in Trinity Life. They sent a mission team there when the church was starting and are readying another group this spring.

'I love working with these people on the ground,' said Stephen Eccher, SEBTS assistant professor of church history and reformation studies, who is leading the Toronto mission trip. 'They are really heroes of mine … working in the tough and difficult sections of the globe.'

The group will consist of about 15 people, mainly students. One of those is an SEBTS trustee, said Eccher.

'Trinity Life is getting ready to do one of their biggest outreaches on Easter week.'

Because SEBTS stresses the importance of the Great Commission for professors and students, Eccher said the Toronto trip will be the fifth trip in about 18 months. 'These are always a blast for me,' he said, because it allows the students to see him outside an academic context putting faith to action."

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