La Oficina: Impacting the Community Through Taxes

lao-new-logoIs tax day! For many, tax season is a reminder to look at their financial situation. For some it is the time to structure a solid tax reducing strategy and for others it is a time to face some fears. For my wife Flavia and I, owners of a tax and bookkeeping company, this season gives us the opportunity to reach members of our community in order to provide them with financial tools and an understanding of financial principles. Our hope is that, through our help, they will face their fears in a responsible manner. Our business (La Oficina) was established in 1999 in Raleigh, NC with the mission of providing bilingual professional services by educating and helping the growing Hispanic community through the consolidation of basic services under one roof.

We have treasured a Bible passage that constantly calls us as servants of our Lord’s will and as managers of his possessions. As Matthew wrote in the Parable of the Bags of gold, God entrusts us according to our ability, and in response, we honor him by being faithful managers.

We have to admit that we have been possessed by fear of such responsibility, of uncertainty of the future, and of the possibility of failure. It wasn’t until we grew in trusting the Lord as our provider that we began understanding that we are accountable before Him as caretakers. Also, it wasn’t until we started acting as such that we began enjoying the fruits of his plan.

Whether we are entrusted with clients, workforce, profits or opportunities to serve our church, we now know He expects us to be proactive and to be multipliers of His grace and His glory, and we joyfully accept His call.

This business has given us the opportunity to grow in areas that were not written on our original growth plan. Even though we agree with the importance of “giving back to the community”, for us it is more about responding the Lord’s call to serve his people. Through our business we have been able to serve our community in many different ways, from serving the migrant farmworker community to funding scholarship programs.

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