Gospel Meditations: Herman Bavinck (Resting in God's Will)


To us a thing is good for the sole reason that God wills it. God himself can never have willed anything unless it is either good in itself or for some other reason. God freely created a world that is radically contingent for his good pleasure. God's will is one with his being, wisdom, goodness, and all his other perfections. For that reason the human heart and head can rest in God's will, for it is the will of an almighty God and a glorious father, not that of a blind fate, incalculable chance, or dark force of nature. His sovereignty is one of unlimited power, but also of wisdom and grace. He is both King and Father at one and the same time. -Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics

Are you resting in God's will; a will that springs from the goodness and grace of a Father-King?

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