Generation Link

Generation Link

by Jeremy Chasteen, Associate Pastor, College Pastor, Generation LINK Director


During college, I experienced a summer that changed the future direction of my life.  I was blessed with the opportunity to do a summer missions project in Branson, MO with the campus ministry that I was involved in. I got to fish for trout every morning before work and most days I caught my limit before slinging burgers at Wendy’s.  I experienced an intense season of growth, ministry training, and fellowship with other passionate college students who wanted to be serious about their relationship with God.  It was during this summer that God redirected my future plans and I began to consider ministry options upon graduation.  I returned to campus that fall fired up to engage my campus with the gospel.  

After graduating college in the spring of 1996, I completed a semester of seminary during which I maintained my relationship with the campus ministry that had impacted me greatly in my walk with God.  The vision, opportunities, community, and commitment to develop leaders compelled me to leave seminary to join their ministry full time.  I began to live the dream!  I was on a prominent college campus making disciples, learning the ropes of ministry, and met my bride.  I invested almost 10 years serving with this campus ministry and my wife and I had opportunities for leadership and experiences that gripped our hearts for the nations.    

In 2005 God led our family to leave staff with the campus ministry that we were involved in and move to Clemson, SC to help plant Crosspoint Church.  By the grace of God I graduated from seminary after 10 years of plugging away at my theological education.  As I look back on those years of ministry I see that God allowed me to experience the vision of what later became known as Generation LINK (     

  1. Ministry Experience:
  2. Staff have the opportunity to use their gifts and passions to serve God in the context of the local church.

  3. Theological Training:
  4. Staff can earn significant hours toward a seminary degree through our partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  5. Discipleship:
  6. Staff are personally mentored, trained, and mobilized to share the gospel and multiply themselves in the lives of others.

  7. Leadership Development:
  8. Staff learn valuable leadership skills that train them for a lifetime of ministry in the church, marketplace, and home.

  9. Community:
  10. Staff live, learn, serve, and have fun together as part of a staff team and the local church body.

What is Generation LINK?

Generation LINK was first started at Crosspoint Church in Clemson, SC.  During the first year of planting Crosspoint the pastors quickly realized that God had entrusted them with a great responsibility and privilege to impact college students and recent graduates.  It quickly made sense that the excellent strategies of campus ministries could be implemented in the context of a local church.    

Generation LINK is a discipleship training program which offers unique and intensive opportunities to serve God through the ministry of the local church.  Generation LINK offers 1-year staff opportunities and Summer LINK internships for men and women to serve both locally and internationally.  The mission of Generation LINK is to equip the next generation of Laborers to Impact the Nations for the Kingdom (LINK) by training and sending out leaders who will impact nations for God’s glory by being intentional disciple-makers for life.  

Generation LINK desires to give recent college graduates the opportunity to participate in an intense discipleship program that will prepare them for their future, whether in full time ministry, missions, the workplace, or stay-at-home moms. Generation LINK is a unique opportunity in which staff receive seminary training, discipleship, and significant ministry responsibility.   

1-year staff opportunities

Generation LINK one-year staff opportunities are available to post-graduates who desire to contribute meaningfully to the ministries of the local church, be challenged through personal discipleship, and be trained theologically. Currently, these opportunities are available at multiple locations and we pray that we will add more locations in the near future.  Generation LINK has five distinctives:
Summer LINK

Summer LINK is an intensive summer discipleship program that allows college students and recent graduates to spend 6-10 weeks in community being developed as disciple makers while serving significantly within the context of the local church. Summer LINK was first birthed in 2008 as Crosspoint church sent 37 staff and students to spend the summer serving alongside our first church plant.  Crosspoint quickly realized the blessing of this strategy as this huge number of students helped launch a church and they came back to Clemson eager to impact our community with the gospel. In 2009, Summer LINK was expanded to offer an opportunity for students who needed to stay in Clemson for the summer to take classes or to work while serving on staff with Crosspoint Church. In 2012, we now have Summer LINK teams serving domestically and internationally. 

How can Generation LINK help serve the NACPF and partnering churches?

When Crosspoint Church became an official partner of the NACPF it became evident that the Generation LINK strategy could be a huge catalyst among NACPF churches.  Generation LINK can assist churches to train leaders from within its own congregations and serve as a system for raising up future church planters, pastors, deacons, and ministry leaders within the church. In addition, Generation LINK is helpful for church plants because it gives the church plant more staff at no cost to the church as Generation LINK staff raise their own financial support. Generation LINK is a means of carrying out the NACPF’s desire to “advance the kingdom of God by upholding and celebrating the gospel.” Generation LINK is a part of advancing the kingdom of God by raising up theologically sound men and women who know what it means to live in biblical community and are passionate about sharing the gospel with the lost.  

There are exciting days ahead as Generation LINK becomes a piece of the puzzle for NACPF churches.  It would be our prayer that God would allow the NACPF to place Generation LINK staff teams at every NACPF partnering church.  In addition it would be great if every new church plant had a Summer LINK team in North America and abroad