Freely Free or Enslaved to Freedom

dan frengIn a recent discipleship meeting, Pastor Dan Freng presented seven questions relative to the proper use, enjoyment, and protection of Christian freedom. This is not just about alcohol, or the renewed debate over legalized recreational drugs. These questions strike at the root of all life and worship. Dan encourages the use of the following questions to carefully consider the ruling desires that so often capture our hearts and how we can enjoy the freedom of Christ without falling into a new kind of evangelical slavery. 1. Am a fully persuaded this is right? If we doubt there is sin.

2. Can I do this as unto the Lord for the glory of God? Am I doing this for the approval of others, is there fear of man rather than fear of God?

3. Can I do this without being a stumbling block to my brothers in Christ?

4. Will this bring peace in my walk with Jesus?

5. Does this edify my brothers?

6. Is this profitable?

7. Will this enslave me? Waving the flag of liberty may eventually enslave you.

8. Does it bring glory to God.

*Dan Freng serves as Lead Pastor of Calvary Church in Littleton, Colorado.

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