Exponential Church Planting Conference

I just returned from the Exponential Church Planting Conference in Tampa, FL. Monday through Thursday of this week church planters and pastors from multiple denominations gathered together from all over North America and abroad to consider the importance of healthy multiplication. Each day was packed with workshops and main sessions. Keynote speakers provided quality insight on a vast selection of topics related to health in church growth and discipleship. Some of the most important time for me was spent networking with planters and pastors within our network as well as those that we would desire to partner with in the future. The need for likeminded relationships and partnership in ministry is extremely important. Being among a wide range of denominations and theological convictions over these past couple of days has taught me to not be as arrogant with some of my opinions. Yet, I have also been reminded of the sweetness of likeminded brothers cooperating together. It was a joy to see new relationships within our network develop amongst like-minded pastors that will hopefully turn into kingdom partnerships for years to come as they seek to love and support one another in their planting efforts.

Another important thing I was reminded of at the conference is that our churches need to place those we are seeking to equip for the sake of the ministry in positions where they can learn to be effective evangelists and disciple makers. If we do not watch those we are planning on sending out to plant churches for a season of time to see whether or not they can reach unbelievers, then we are not preparing them well to plant churches when they leave.

You can find out more about the exponential conference here.