Essential Church Update: Public Launch

Warren LaunchService_0024On Sunday, March 16th, Essential Church celebrated its official public launch. After 18 months in the Seattle mission field, the launch service was attended by 80 people, most of whom were local. The entire experience was a very exciting moment, as it was the culmination of years of prayer, preparation, and intentional personal evangelism. The public launch of Essential Church brought an exciting “starting point” to the weekly worship, which included many first time guests and families who have been the focus of prayer and gospel conversation for the last year and a half. Without doubt, it was an answer to prayer and, subsequently a great boost of momentum for the local church.

Above all, the public launch brought a sweet time of praising God for all that He has done and recognizing that the progress of the church to this point is the result of a divinely enabled prayer, service, sacrifice, and relationships. Many people - including support partners, prayer warriors, church staff, core team members, and new guests - have played instrumental roles in the birth and life of Essential Church.

Warren LeahSinging_5118-smPastor Warren Mainard, reflected on a few lessons he and Essential Church learned through the process of planning and holding the first official gathering as a church. Warren pointed out the importance of not losing hope in prayer and in God's willingness to powerfully use an invitation to church. Also Warren was reminded of the danger of underestimating the broad and sweeping blessings of serving the local community. With encouragement to other local churches, especially new churches, Warren says, "God will bring the result, so do not focus on the result, but focus on faithfulness to the task. You cannot do it alone. Ask others for help, prayer, support and encouragement all along the way and then include them in the celebration when God brings the harvest."

A new church's public launch is just the beginning. Now Essential Church is focused on follow-up and building on the momentum immediately gained from the public launch. "You will quickly realize that you must now be a planter and a pastor," urges Mainard. "You cannot sacrifice one for the other, so begin looking for ways to delegate and get people involved in the mission with you." He also offers this helpful advice for loving well the church planting wife, "Plan a time with your wife sometime within a week after the Launch. The odds are she has sacrificed a lot to help make the day a success and she wants to know that you recognize that and remember her and value time with her."

The North American Church Planting Foundation is grateful to Jesus Christ and His faithful promise to build His Church. It is our joy to regularly behold the fulfillment of this promise, one new church at a time. Please join us in praying for Essential Church, planted to make much of Christ by showing the power and necessity of believing the good news of grace.

If you are looking for a church in the Seattle area, Essential Church meets at The Boys and Girls Club Teen Center, 15228 Lake Hills Blvd, Bellevue, Washington - map.