A Picture of Partnership: Crosspoint Church and Renewal Church

Crosspoint Church in Clemson, SC and Renewal Church in Anderson, SC are a great example of effective partnership in church planting. Established churches should be planting churches and Crosspoint has been an excellent model of what it means to give some of your best leadership away in order to plant a church.

Crosspoint Church has always been committed to being a church planting church and Crosspoint’s elders have frequently looked for opportunities to be involved in church planting. In October of 2013 (after Crosspoint was about eight years old), Crosspoint began a relationship with the Bridge Church in Anderson. Crosspoint’s elders quickly identified that their partnership with the Bridge Church was a like-minded relationship. On June 1, 2014, an official partnership was established to plant a new church, Renewal Church, together with The Bridge Church in Anderson. Crosspoint sent out two of their elders, Stephen Watson and Barry Kaldenbach, and a Generation LINK staff member, Sean Alford, with the intention of planting Renewal. In addition, approximately 30 people from Crosspoint began attending Renewal. Crosspoint desired to plant an autonomous church that shared the same philosophy of ministry and was within close proximity. It was important to the elders at Crosspoint that the leadership and families sent out shared the DNA of Crosspoint.

Crosspoint’s partnership has had a huge impact on Renewal. In order to help their church plant be successful, Crosspoint essentially “gave away” some of it’s best leadership and a large financial investment. Through the resources, people, leadership, and financial investment generously given by Crosspoint, Renewal Church was quickly able to establish itself within the Anderson community.

Planting Renewal Church has also had a big impact on Crosspoint. Church planting has given Crosspoint members an opportunity to pray, to give, and to go. Sending out key leaders has also provided the chance to develop and train other leaders.

One of Crosspoint’s core values is that “sending advances the gospel.” Crosspoint Pastor Jeremy Chasteen explains that it’s hard to give away brothers and sisters we love but that if we really believe sending advances the gospel, “Every one of us should be willing to send out our best out for the sake of the gospel. All of us should be ready and willing to go when called.” Pastor Jeremy explains that you must trust the Lord with leadership. He reminds us that “It’s Christ who gives the church and builds the church.”

If your church desires to become a church planting church please consider learning from other like-minded churches like Crosspoint in the NACPF. Take the time to build relationships and ask other elders how they have been effective in church planting. Ultimately, stop and ask yourself and your church, “How can we most faithfully advance the Kingdom of God?”