Coming to Columbus

In June the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention will convene at the Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. For the first time, thousands of pastors, members, and others will converge on the city for more than a week of ministry and meeting. From June 7 to June 13, over a thousand volunteers are expected to take part in Crossover Columbus, a week long effort to serve the city and share our good news of God's grace. Then June 15-17 the pastor's conference and annual meeting will run. As an influential city in the Midwest, and with the identity as a SEND CITY, Columbus is afforded many opportunities to enjoy the strengthening of existing churches and the start of new healthy churches. As in many major cities, the need in Columbus is great!

The church plant to which I belong, Paramount Church, is just one of dozens planning to make the most of the upcoming excitement in our fine city. We are set to receive the help of 40 volunteers from one of our generous partner churches, and another 30 volunteers from Southwestern Seminary. These volunteers will assist us in final preparations to host a community block party on June 13. The volunteers who are seminary students will spend their mornings earning credit in a mobile class that is led by a variety of SBC seminary professors. In the afternoon and evenings they will practice what their professors preach by helping us invite neighbors to the block party, while aiming to share the gospel as we go. They will also help us host two gospel-minded neighborhood BBQ dinners at the homes of our church members. It goes without saying, we are excited and grateful for the help we will receive through the Crossover initiative.

In addition to the action-packed week of ministry, opportunities to partner for the gospel abound. A wide variety of events, meetings, receptions, and breakouts are planned within the annual meeting program. Visit to learn which of these are best for you. If you are interested in partnering with local churches who are enrolled it the Crossover Columbus initiative, contact the Metro Columbus Baptist Association. The kind folks who are organizing local church projects will be glad to help you locate a project in which you or your family or church group might serve.

We look forward to seeing you, serving you, and partnering with you in Columbus in June!