Church Planting in Denver - Update

denverIt is amazing how much can change in such a short time. My family has settled into our current home in south Denver. We are learning, growing, and serving at Calvary Church Littleton. Weekly we are meeting new people in the community through my part-time marketing job at Chick-fil-a, Nathan's school, the kids recreational activities, and at our neighborhood parks. Jessica and I are both engaged in discipling others during the week. We even made it through a winter in Denver! What is more amazing is how God does not change. No matter how much changes for us, He remains the same. Psalm 86:15 reminds us that God is merciful, gracious, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. This is good news! God’s unchanging greatness has been a source of encouragement for us as the Spirit reminds our concerned hearts that God is in control. We can trust Him. He is great and big enough to handle any and ever situation.

denverbaptismGod is also gracious to save and change as we faithfully share the gospel. Last month I was privileged to baptize one of my co-workers at Chick-fil-a, Evan. Evan visited Calvary and expressed his desire to be baptized. I met with Evan to discuss his baptism and during that meeting he expressed his desire to have assurance of salvation in Christ. What joy we both experienced as he in prayer confessed his need for Christ and his desire to follow him. Pray for Evan. I am currently discipling him, along with two other young men who work at Chick-fil-a. Please also pray for CH. I am meeting with him weekly. He is unchurched and from a Mormon background. He is visiting Calvary and desires to learn more about following Christ.

God’s goodness never changes and we have seen His goodness to our family through Calvary Church Littleton. We are blessed to give and receive love in this body of believers.

Through Calvary’s Church Planting Internship I am receiving excellent on-the-field training and mentoring in church planting. I am part of a group of 9 men who meet weekly for church planting and pastoral training. God is also good to provide preaching opportunities. Multiple times since arriving I had the privilege of preaching at a rural church in Wiggins, CO.

In May, Ronnica Rothe plans to move from NC to Denver to join us! We are excited and ask you to pray for God’s blessing and provision as she transitions. Please also keep the Campbell family in your prayers as they Ryan takes on more leadership at Chick-fil-a and Robin wraps up her first year of teaching. Pray for God's blessing on their training and wisdom for future decisions. Also lift up Ryan Tucker as he finishes his degree at Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina.

Thank you! We love you!