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WELCOME back to the online home of the North American Church Planting Foundation!

As you noticed, everything is different...and better. Our home looks better, feels better, and works better. Please take a few minutes to explore the entire NACPF website to review the many improvements made.

As a part of this important online update, the NACPF blog is officially relaunched. With an updated plan and schedule, we hope this relaunch will prove more useful to church planters, local church leaders, and other interested visitors. Grateful for the advances in technology which assist us in fulfilling our mission, the purpose of our blog is three-fold:

1. To edify readers with biblical insights into the comforts and challenges of the gospel. 2. To communicate the on-going vision, strategy, updates, and ministry of the NACPF. 3. To publish resources and commentary on the execution of gospel-centered church planting ministry.

In an effort to help you find your way around, our future posts will be organized under our three core values; Gospel, Community, and Mission. Here is a brief overview of how posts will be organized:

Gospel: -A Theology for Church Planting -Promotion of Gospel-centrality in Life and Ministry -Book Reviews -Sermon Postings -Gospel Meditations (simply an extended, gospel-centered statement or principle)

Community: -General NACPF Updates on the Current and Developing NACPF Vision/Strategy -Church Plant Updates/Newsletters -Posting of the Monthly NACPF Newsletter -Calendar Updates for Events (such as the NACPF Annual Meeting, Supported Conferences, NAPCF meetings in your area)

Mission: -Insights into the Philosophy and Method of NACPF Church Planting -Posts by Planters on Daily Matters of Church Planting Ministry -What's Trending Among Church Planters -Publishing of Various Church Planting Resources, Books, Tools, etc -Highlights from Cities/Missionaries Who are Connected to NACPF

Again, on behalf of the NACPF family: WELCOME! Please bookmark this site and visit often as we advance the gospel by planting healthy local churches.

And if this is your first visit to - start here.

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