Preparing for Elder Meeting

Faithful pastors are important to every church because they preach the word, shepherd the flock among them, comfort the suffering, admonish the unruly, help the weak, encourage the fainthearted...and the list could go on and on. Yet pastoral ministry faces many challenges, especially in a church plant. Limited time, maximum responsibility, spiritual warfare, and many required hats demand a serious, even war-time, mentality. Leading amid these challenges is never easy, and often does not come naturally. With this said, there is no doubting one of the most important times of the week is when the elders gather to pray for and plan their leadership of the church. There is a premium value on an organized structure to these meetings. Here is a basic worksheet aimed at making the most of the time elders have to collaborate together in ministry. All leaders are asked to complete it prior to the regular elder meetings. The worksheet is self-explanatory. In lieu of an unnecessary explanation, a few benefits of this tool follow:

Using this form in preparation for leadership meetings may help to...

1. simplify the process of preparing for elder meetings. Rather than thinking from scratch about the necessary points of discussion, this worksheet serves as a guide; a guide that easily becomes the meeting agenda. 2. facilitate pastoral initiative among leaders who may struggle in this area. Forward-thinking and careful attention to ministry needs are skills that do not come naturally to all leaders. 3. bring time-saving organization. Few things are more wearying than a disordered meeting. 4. prevent overlooking important details. When leaders are able to gather with prepared thoughts and reflections, fewer details will fall through the cracks. 5. sharpen the team's focus on the path forward by keeping everyone informed and involved.

Elder Meeting Worksheet

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