25 Degrees of Aspire

tweet thisMy first book, Aspire is now available. To help you better understand it, here are twenty-five quotable quotes:

1. Aspire is designed to equip the church with a tool for making disciples in the context of one-on-one relationships.

2. “Healthy disciples are vital for the church’s effectiveness in seeing the lost saved, leaders produced, and new churches started.”

3. “The church desperately needs an intentional plan for taking new believers, discipling them to maturity, and entrusting them with intentional leadership within God’s church.”

4. “The development and deployment of future disciples in the church and for the church is vital for the church to thrive in the coming generations.”

5. “Pastors must take personal responsibility for the making disciples themselves.”

6. “The very great and precious promises of God are meant to grow a disciple in knowledge, character, obedience, and love.”

7. “There is no greater task before the church than the making of disciples and leaders for God’s church”

8. “It is better to make disciples well than to make them quickly.”

9. “Any effort to mass produce disciples is fatally flawed.”

10. “Young Christians often place their faith in Christ and are thrust into leadership roles and responsibilities that far exceed their understanding or maturity.”

11. “You cannot live a faithful and fruitful life that makes much of the glory fog do without a deep and robust understanding and application of the gospel.”

12. “God is jealous for his glory and seeks it from all those he created.”

13. “God created all things in order to declare and demonstrate His glory in all the world.”

14. “God is on mission to reclaim worshipers.”

15. “Theology leads to worship.”

16. “Jesus is God on mission.”

17. “The church is God’s community of reclaimed worshipers.”

18. “You must fall increasingly in love with God in order to live a life of worship.”

19. “The formation of a disciple is an inside-out process.”

20. “Genuine disciples make other disciples.”

21. “If you do not invest in the work of disciple-making, you will become spiritually stagnant.”

22. “To be a disciple of Jesus, according to the Bible, is to be a missionary. There is simply no such thing as a mission-less Christian.”

23. “We must learn to take personal responsibility for living all of life on mission.”

24. “God is always at work gathering a people for his glory.”

25. “Multiplying disciples who bring glory of God is the primary purpose of the church.”

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