Church Highlight: Redeeming Grace in


Recently, we asked Pastor Jarvis Singleton, in Green Acres, Florida, to share more about his church plant, called Redeeming Grace Church, that will launch later this year. 



Jarvis L. Singleton

Your spouse and children’s names:

Wife: Debra-Anne SingletonChildren: Jaden (4) & Jenna (11 months)

Church Name:

Redeeming Grace Church


Greenacres, FL

Launch Date:

We’re currently in the “Soft Launch” stage. We are looking at a Public Launch time of mid-late May

Website & Social Media:

Twitter: @rgcgreenacres
Facebook: Redeeming Grace Church

Name of partnering church(es):

Glendale Missionary Baptist Church

Renewal Church

Providence Road Church

Orthodox Zion Primitive Baptist Church

Faith Church (Media, PA)

What are the reasons you decided to plant a church in your city (if your church is a plant)?

The South Florida region is the 11th most unchurched area in the United States with a 96% rate, according to Barna Research. Thus, there is a desperate need to evangelize our communities and the areas around us. However, Greenacres offers a unique opportunity to, not only share the Gospel, but to share it with young developing families. The city is very diverse and has won many awards for being a community that embraces youth (the average age of the residents is 36 years old). It is our prayer that we can utilize these special characteristics to ultimately develop healthy families that will shape their households, and thus their society, through the saving work of Jesus Christ. 

Equally, we also want to build healthy disciples within the Church. While Palm Beach community is not lacking in Churches, there is a definite lack of healthy discipleship among self-professed believers. We seek to be a Church that will unpack the total work and benefits of the Gospel to the people we minister to, thus again, with the goal of making healthy disciples in Greenacres, Palm Beach County, and ultimately the world.

What have you seen the Lord do in and through your church/church plant?

We have only been meeting for two months, but I am encouraged by the positive responses to our worship. We are mostly traditional—namely, we promote congregational singing of hymns, we recite the Ligonier Statement on Christology every service, and serve The LORD’s Table every 1st & 3rd Sundays. And in a time where total contemporary worship is often desired, it is such a blessing to know that people still find joy in worship concepts that many seek to abandon nowadays.

Equally, I am just as excited about the amount of visitors we have had, due to the fact that we have not done much publicity regarding the Church. Some of our visitors have become mainstays in our worship services, and it is my hope this will continue with them ultimately making the decision to join us as members.

What do you hope to see the Lord do in and through your church in the future?

My prayer is that we will grow as a congregation, not just numerically, but also theologically. It is my deepest prayer that every member of Redeeming Grace will display the healthy fruits of the Gospel in their personal lives, in the framework of their families, and in their outside relationships which, in turn, will impact our community.

What advice do you have for current or future church planters?

There are many things I can say here, but the best advice I can give a current or future Church planter is embrace the “seasoning” process. In short, if you feel the LORD is calling you in this work, look to get some good theological and practical training before you launch our. If you’re a current Church Planter, seek a counsel of experienced pastors who can advise you in some of the issues you will face in this work and who will keep you theologically grounded. If you are a future planter, sit under an experience Pastor for a couple of years and learn what pastoral ministry is all about. In addition, make sure that you are settled in your doctrinal categories, so you are not developing them when you start this process. Don’t allow your zeal to overtake you. There is much more to this work than just preaching/teaching. But also, there needs to be a proper development of personal maturity, leadership qualities, wisdom, administration, and love in order to rightly shepherd God’s people.

What else would you like to share with the readers of our blog?

As stated before, we have only been meeting  for worship for two months but, even in that time, we have had our shares of ups and downs. My final advice to other Church planters would be to stay the course no matter what you face. Remember, this was not a calling you chose. It’s one the LORD has placed on you—the same LORD who said “He is with you always”. So face every situation knowing this, because you are truly not alone in this journey. Also, reach out to other like-minded brothers who can offer encouragement, love, and can give you that “kick” when you need it. Because one thing I have learned in this process of Church planting is that you will never face “isolated incidents”. In short, there is always someone who has faced what you’re dealing with. So lean on them, find encouragement with them, and continue to move onward, Christian soldier.

What are your 3-4 main prayer requests?

1. Growth of our Church (both numerically & theologically) 

2. Our Financial status (we are in great need of more donations and partnerships).

3. Church needs: Children’s ministry leaders, Musicians, Administrative/Office help, and additional ways we can impact the Palm Beach County area.

4. My work as Pastor. Pray that I handle all things with Grace and wisdom. 

Jarvis Singleton