New Pillar Staff Members

We’re excited to announce that our board has approved the hiring of two new staff members: Kristy Bible and Kevin Simmons.  While these two have worked for Pillar over the last few months as temporary employees, we’re glad to have them officially join the team.

Kristy Bible -  Event Planner

Kristy Bible - Event Planner

Kevin Simmons -  Communications Director

Kevin Simmons - Communications Director


Moving forward, Kristy will oversee our events planning activities while assisting our Executive Director in fundraising.  Kristy has professional experience in these fields along with a degree in marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Kevin will handle our network's communications which includes managing our new website, social media channels, promotions, print items, and more.  Kevin is also working directly with our newer Pillar church planters to help develop their websites and other digital needs related to 21st-century church planting.  Kevin earned his MS in Marketing and Communications from Franklin University and completed his undergrad at Southeastern Seminary.

One of the advantages of the Pillar Network is that we're at a size that allows us to develop a real sense of community between our staff and our pastors.  Kristy and Kevin share this desire and want to know you all on a first name basis.  If you haven't had the opportunity to meet them at one of our previous Pillar events, please feel free to reach out.  

For more information on our new staff members and to locate their contact info, visit our staff page at our website.

Kevin Simmons