16 Ways You Can Get Involved in Church Planting in 2016


The start of a new year brings a refreshed vision, new goals, and good intentions. As you are thinking through your plans and goals for 2016, please prayerfully consider how you can get more involved in church planting. At the Pillar Network, we believe that every church member can play an important role (whether that be directly or indirectly) in church planting and revitalization throughout the country! God has given each one of His children unique gifts to build up and strengthen the body of Christ and take the gospel to a lost and needy world. Here's 16 practical suggestions for how you can get involved in church planting and revitalization in 2016:

  1. Pray regularly for our church plants and church planters (you can stay updated on specific prayer requests by receiving our newsletter and reading our blog)
  2. Subscribe to and read our newsletter to stay updated on what's going on in our network
  3. Attend the 2016 Unite Conference (October 18-20, 2016 in Raleigh, NC)
  4. Consider joining the Advance Team
  5. "Adopt" a church planter (Contact Zach or Jenna to find out more) and pray for the church planter and send them cards, books, gifts, etc.
  6. Lead your small group or church to adopt a church planter
  7. Go on a vision trip to visit one of our church plants
  8. Be a liaison for your church: highlight church planting or a specific church plant to your congregation. Also consider having a "Pillar Network Sunday" at your church where you spend part of the service highlighting the Pillar Network and church planting (we will give you resources for this!)
  9. Give monthly to the Pillar Network to support church planting and revitalization throughout North America
  10. Commit a certain amount of hours per year to use your skills or gifts to benefit church planters. For example, a lawyer may give free legal advice for 10 hours/year, a financial advisor may give free financial advice to 5 church planters a year, or a graphic designer may provide free web design to 2 church plants a year
  11. Plan a fundraiser to raise money for the Pillar Network in your area (our staff will gladly help you do this!)
  12. Volunteer at our events and fundraisers (Fall golf tournament, Unite Conference, etc.)
  13. Sponsor a pastors wife/church planters wife to go to our Women's retreat in May
  14. Sponsor a church planter to go to our Unite Conference in October
  15. Read our blog regularly and consider contributing
  16. Volunteer your time to help the Pillar Network with marketing, graphic design, video, fundraising, and many other needs we have!

If any of these opportunities stand out to you as a way you want to give your time, talent, and resources to the Pillar Network and to church planting in 2016, please contact Zach or Jenna and we'd be happy to answer your questions and talk with you further about getting involved!