Helping Churches directly PLANT and REVITALIZE other churches


At Pillar, our vision is to see our nation filled with the praise of Jesus Christ.  We think the best way to see this happen is through planting healthy,  multiplying churches, that sustain our 6 distinctives:

  • We proclaim the gospel of our Sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • We submit to the Bible as our final authority in all matters of belief and life
  • We promote live, expository preaching to equip the church
  • We encourage churches to be governed by a plurality of male elders
  • We cooperate as Southern Baptists to fulfill the Great Commission
  • We commit to kingdom multiplication through church planting and revitalization

Pillar was formed to help open opportunities for more SBC churches to be directly involved in the church planting and revitalization process.  We also believe that pastors who have poured into other disciples, preparing them for the ministry, should have a significant voice in one's readiness to plant.  With the US sustaining a population over 323 million, the need for new churches, biblical discipleship, and evangelism is only increasing.  If revival is to move upon our land, individual churches need assistance in taking up the mantle of preparing future church planters, helping to revitalize declining congregations, and equipping the next generation of Christians to spread the gospel.  Pillar can help with all of this.  Helping churches plant & revitalize other churches is what we do best!

Please prayerfully consider how you can get involved with sustaining our vision of supporting the church.