The greater Seattle region is a major tech innovator within the global economy, housing such entities as Microsoft, Amazon, and Clearwire.  As a result, many highly educated and elite individuals are drawn to this venue, including skilled laborers from foreign nations.  This area has a populace of nearly 3.8 million and yet only 23 percent identify as evangelical, with Seattle sporting the highest atheist proportion of any major US city.


Essential Church was launched by Warren Mainard, who originally grew up around the Pacific Northwest.  Warren has a passion for reaching younger segments as well as launching other church plants, such as Rock Chinese Church.  While Seattle can be a difficult region to evangelize, Essential is on a solid track for growth thanks in part to a new location at Bellevue College.


Rock Chinese Church has been running for close to two years now.  In February '18, they will hold a public launch, seeking to reach new potential attendees.  This church was started by Jacob Zhang, who was born in China and escaped persecution there by moving to the US.  Almost 11% of Bellevue's population are Chinese nationals whom Rock church is attempting to reach. 


Summit Life Church is a new church plant out of Cornerstone Baptist in Florence, SC, which launched in September 2017.  Will Forest is the lead pastor who has extensive seminary training and previously served at a church in Idaho.  Summit's mission to make and mobilize disciples for life, in the greater Seattle area.