The mid-western region of the United States is an interesting mix between major urban centers and sparse, rural communities.  This section boasts a hefty population of approximately 66 million, many of which are post-Christian or unaffiliated in belief.  Pray that the Lord will raise more church planters to help us reach the cities of the American rust belt and bread basket.


Paramount Church gathers in Bexley, OH, sharing facilities with a Lutheran congregation.  This is an established church plant that provides lots of ministries to various age groups, making much of church membership, the sufficiency of scripture and involvement in one's own mission-field.  Rush Witt is the lead pastor and handles the primary preaching responsibilities.


Redemption Church is a plant launching in 2019.  This new congregation is being sent from Grace Church, where their pastor, Danny D'Acquisto, was on staff.  Danny has a passion for the people of Wisconsin and is seeking to build a congregation focused on the Gosepl, worship, discipleship, and multiplication.  Redemption will focus on the East Tosa area in the greater Milkwaukee metro area.  

Redeemer Bible Church is an established church located in Minnetonka, MN.  Their head pastor, Jason Wredberg, leads this congregation to be passionate about maintaining a close relationship with God, one another, with a determination to do outreach for the glory of God.  



Treasuring Christ Church of Ann Arbor Michigan is set to launch in late 2018.  Michael Guyer is the lead planter for this new congregation, which is partnered with Open Door.  Michael is currently finishing his PhD and has lots of pastoral experience.  If you're interested in joining Michael and his team, click below to reach out.