We desire to help connect churches in the Pillar Network with people in partnering churches in our network who may be a good fit for job positions they have available. If you have a job opportunity you'd like posted on our website, please contact usCURRENT VACANCIES: 


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (PART-TIME) - Pillar Network Main Office, Wake Forest, NC


The Administrative Assistant for the Pillar Network serves as support staff to the Executive Director, Director of Network Relations, and Communications Director. Administrative support will be provided through supervision by the Executive Director to assist the staff in accomplishing their intended functions. The position will also be responsible for work assigned by the Executive Director.





PASTOR OF WORSHIP & FAMILY MINISTRIES - Northwest Bible Church, Minnesota, MN


The primary responsibility of the Associate Pastor of Community Life is to lead in the implementation of the vision of Northwest Bible Church, with a particular emphasis in outreach, family ministries, and corporate worship. The Pastor of Community Life must be a servant leader with the ability to think strategically about NWBC’s evangelistic and educational efforts, effectively organize and execute that strategy, and encourage members of NWBC to be joyfully involved in those efforts. This position gives final report to the elders and the congregation and is supervised by the Pastor of Preaching and Vision. He will function in the following roles: 

For More Information, Download the complete Job Description

WORSHIP LEADER - 4D Church, Durham, NC


4D Church, consistent with its purpose, is seeking a leader to guide the gathering of believers to an ever-deepening awareness of the greatness of GOD as revealed in the Bible. The four-fold mission of this effort is the motivation of the church to 1) Delight in God, 2) Display His Glory, 3) Declare His Gospel, and 4) Disciple all He gathers.

Qualifications include gifting in the leadership of congregational worship, skill in leading worship with at least one instrument, and organizational ability.

The worship leader will work closely, as a team player, with the elders in crafting various opportunities for worship that help individuals to magnify the greatness of GOD in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. This will be accomplished through the skillful combination of God’s Word with art, poetry, music and prayer. Singing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs that are theologically rich and suited for all members of the congregation is essential.

We are specifically seeking a GOD-gifted man to:

1. Plan the weekly Sunday 11:00am worship service. Choose hymns and songs that engage the congregation and support the reading and preaching of GOD’s Word.

2. Model and lead honest/heartfelt worship that enables joyful individual and corporate consideration/celebration of GOD.

3. Recruit, audition, teach, and train musicians/artists in the church so that they will serve the congregation as a worship team with skill and humility.

4. Organize the set up and break down of all supporting equipment so as to ensure its function and safe keeping each week.

5. Design/create weekly electronic presentations (Power Point, Key Note, etc.) and/or print related materials as needed.

6. Prayerfully lead regular rehearsals that serve to: (A) prepare for worship gatherings and

(B) cultivate Christ-centered community.

7. Cast a vision for how GOD might be calling 4D Church to grow in new expressions of worship.

8. Serve as a member of 4D Church and demonstrate commitment to its purpose, mission, and strategy.


  • Sunday: Set up, Rehearse, Lead music, Breakdown (4-5 hrs)

  • Weekly: Set up, Rehearse, Breakdown (3-4 hrs)

  • Weekly: Consider Scripture, Prayerfully choose songs, Develop PowerPoint Presentation (2 hrs)

  • Weekly: Recruit/Organize/Develop Ministry of Music/Art (2 hrs)


4D Church is located at 1515 Clermont Road, Durham, NC 27713 Applicants are encouraged to email resumes to

WORSHIP LEADER - Immanuel Church, Albany, NY


The worship leader of Immanuel Church will serve by leading the church to enter into congregational singing  of biblical songs, both old and modern; to develop the gifts of others to serve and lead in the worship ministry;  to work alongside the elders in planning worship services that support a central theme of the teaching text; and  to lead the worship ministry within the overall vision and ministry of the church.


1. To continue to grow and mature in Christ as a godly person of integrity.

2. To have a strong sense of calling and identity in Christ.

3. To demonstrate leadership in being able to disciple those in his/her sphere of influence.

4. To participate in monthly worship planning meetings with the pastor.

5. To lead regular worship team practices as necessary in an organized and thoughtful fashion.

6. To be present during worship at Immanuel Church not less than 46 weeks per year.

7. To select and equip others to lead in worship when unable to be present during worship services.

8. To oversee and organize all aspects of the worship ministry, including equipment, budget, and schedule.

9. To regularly introduce new songs into the worship of the congregation.

10. To seek to disciple those involved in the worship ministry through regular Bible study incorporated into times of worship team practice.

11. To seek to recruit new members into the worship team; to develop the skills and abilities of those serving in the worship ministry; and to encourage, develop, and equip those who demonstrate leadership skills.

12. To average at least 10-25 hours per week (depending on the candidate and agreement at employment) in fulfillment of his/her duties and responsibilities required by this ministry position.

13. To fulfill other administrative/office tasks as needed, including, but not limited to, bulletin preparation, website update (no coding experience needed), attendee/member database updates, and basic communication to the congregation.

More information & contact

To learn more, download the full job description below. Click here to visit Immanuel’s website. Forward any questions & applications by email to Pastor Brad Guethner.

Associate Pastor - Cross Community Church, Beaufort, SC

Cross Community Church in Beaufort, SC is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor to oversee small groups, pastoral care, and business administration. Planted in January 2017, Cross Community is a portable church plant currently meeting at the Beaufort YMCA that has grown from a launch team of 45 adults in 2017 to an average weekly attendance of over 500 adults and children. In April 2019, Cross Community launched “For the Gospel,” a two-year campaign effort with a short-term goal to move into a permanent facility and long-term goals to plant and revitalize more gospel-centered churches in the Lowcountry in addition to establishing a local ministry training center. Cross Community embraces a simple mission: “Preach the Gospel and make disciples,” which we seek to accomplish through the 4-phase vision to be a church that Gathers, Grows, Gives, and Goes, with Gospel, Family, and Kingdom being our primary core values.

Cross Community is a church family cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention, South Carolina Baptist Convention, Savannah River Baptist Association, and is also a member church of the Pillar Network. CCC is theologically reformed and governed by a plurality of elders. We embrace gospel-centered, verse-by-verse exposition of the scriptures as the primary approach to preaching, and we strive to be a church of both unconditional love and unapologetic truth. Though our musical style is more modern and contemporary in nature, our song selection remains diverse and includes both traditional and modern songs and hymns.

The ideal candidate for this position will have 3-5 years of full-time church staff experience in the areas of small groups, pastoral care, and business administration, and will be willing to commit to the position for a minimum of 5 years. The candidate must be a highly organized, self-driven individual who is able to sustain healthy rhythms in 1) personal walk with Christ, 2) family, and 3) ministry. The candidate will be chosen based on character, calling, competence, and chemistry.

Consistently rated by various national publications as one of the most popular and beautiful small towns to live, Beaufort is an elegant, historic, charming coastal town, and Beaufort county (which includes Bluffton and Hilton Head) is currently among the fastest-growing counties in the United States. Beaufort is home to two active duty military bases (Parris Island the Marine Corps Air Station) and a Naval hospital, and is surrounded by rich historical sites dating back to the earliest days of our nation. Though Beaufort is home to one of the birthplaces of Protestant Christianity in the United States, the church-at-large has been in decline, and Cross Community seeks to be part of a movement that brings revival and awakening to the Lowcountry.

Candidates must complete a formal application along with resume submission, which can be found here:

Associate Pastor Application

Resumes will be received through June 20, 2019 and can also be submitted directly to if the candidate does not have a Gmail account.

Statement of Beliefs
Membership Covenant

Learn more about this position, with specific job requirements, by clicking below:

Associate Pastor & Worship Leader - Hope Fellowship, Cambridge, MA

Position Summary

This person will work with the other pastors to lead in congregational worship each week and will lead a team of musicians who serve in our band on a weekly basis as well as help us to work to train up other worship leaders to serve in our church and in churches and church plants in New England. This role will also involving a variety of elements of pastoral care, discipleship and coordinating a variety of projects that are similar to the role a Director of Operations. Depending on the persons gifting and interest there are also opportunities for teaching in a variety of contexts as well as preaching.


Specific Qualifications

• Spiritual Qualifications— Is a mature follower of Jesus Christ who demonstrates gospel commitments (

• Credentials and Experience— This person has proven leadership over corporate worship in a church setting. There is no mandatory educational requirement.

• Doctrinal,etc.—Must be: 1) doctrinally compatible with Hope Fellowship Church and be able to join our congregation; 2) possess a love for the local church and understand its mission in the world; 3) sensitive to people of varying age, race/ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds.



For worship leadership:

Leadership: Must be able to lead shepherd the volunteers in the band. This individual knows how to accommodate participants of varying musical experience and music reading skills, as well as arrange music for vocalists and instruments for a broad range of musical styles. 

Committed to Strong Congregational Singing. This person views him or herself as a worshipper leading others in corporate praise rather than a performer.

Flexible. This person knows how to respect the others musician’s time with life and music. 

Efficient Facilitator. This individual can lead a rehearsal that is well prepared, organized, efficient and in the process of doing so gain the respect of all participants.


For general pastoral ministry:

Experienced in investing in small group disciple-making. Ability to communicate clearly in a large group teaching and to faithfully preach.


Particular Responsibilities for Worship leadership

1: Develop band that leads congregation on a weekly basis.

2: Work closely with pastors in planning of the weekly worship gatherings.

3: Contact, recruit, and train musicians through communication, rehearsals, and other meetings as necessary.

5: Select music, as well as instrumental and vocal leadership for every service.

6: Work to help train emerging worship leaders who may serve at Hope or other churches in the future.


Compensation, Benefits

This is full-time role. The compensation will consider the skills and ministry experience. The package will include a base salary, health/life insurance and contribution to retirement.

Send a resume and video of leading worship to

Pastoral Residency - Winchester Baptist Church, Winchester, VA

Click below to download Winchester Baptist’s job description/requirement for their Pastoral Resident.

Forward resumes & questions to Pastor Tim White at


Click below to download FBC Boynton’s job description/requirements for their Lead Pastor opening.

Variety of Domestic and International Locations:

Summer and One Year Residencies


Are you interested in a summer or year-long residency opportunity? Generation LINK has exciting opportunities in many Pillar Network churches as well as in several international locations. Generation LINK is an intensive discipleship program owned and operated by local churches through national and international partnership. If you are interested in a summer or one year opportunity: please click here for more information.