Thank you for your interest in helping us support the church!   Our network desires to give every individual in every church a chance to participate in church planting whether or not they are on the front lines of ministry and church planting efforts.  So how can you get involved in church planting?  If you are a pastor, planter, or revitalizer please see the “Partnership Process” page for more information on how to get involved in the Pillar Network.

If you are an individual church member, here are the steps to getting involved in the Pillar Network:

  • Please click here to fill out our questionnaire
  • Receive feedback from a Pillar Network staff member or volunteer about how your gifts and interests could serve church planting and revitalization efforts
  • Receive a customized plan for how you can be engaged in church planting

Based on your individual gifts and interests, here are some possible ways you can get involved in the Pillar Network:

  • Adopt a church planter
  • Lead your small group to adopt a church planter
  • Commit a certain amount of hours per year to use your skills or gifts to benefit church planters (for example, a lawyer may give free legal advice for 10 hours/year, a financial advisor give free financial advice to 5 church planters a year, or a graphic designer may provide free web design to 2 church plants a year)
  • Give to the Pillar Network and/or sponsor a fundraiser
  • Go on a vision trip to visit one of our church plants
  • Plan a vision trip with members from your congregation
  • Volunteer at events and fundraisers
  • Be a liaison for your church: highlight church planting or a specific church plant to your congregation
  • Plan a fundraiser in your location to raise funds for The Pillar Network
  • Connect with our digital channels and share our content online or via social media.
  • Pray for our network of churches and church planters