We are grateful for you and your church’s commitment to cooperate with the Pillar Network. This document serves the purpose of communicating our like-minded characteristics and the responsibilities of a church cooperating within the Pillar Network. By signing this document you are affirming these characteristics, your responsibilities, and the Pillar Network’s Statement of Faith. The Pillar Network leadership reserves the right to revoke membership status at anytime if the cooperating church does not demonstrate these like-minded characteristics and abide by the statements of faith represented below, or if their is unethical behavior on behalf of the pastoral leadership.

Our DNA:

  • We proclaim the gospel of our Sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • We submit to the Bible as our final authority in all matters of belief and life
  • We promote live, expository preaching to equip the church
  • We encourage churches to be governed by a plurality of male elders
  • We cooperate as Southern Baptists to fulfill the Great Commission
  • We commit to kingdom multiplication through church planting and revitalization

Expected Responsibilities of Network Partners:

  • Attend regional and national coaching sessions
  • Attend conferences and other network functions
  • Develop ongoing relationships within the Pillar Network
  • Give towards the Pillar Network at 1-2% of your annual budget
  • Partner with another church plant in the Pillar Network


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Statement of faiths we affirm:

Baptist Faith and Message 2000

Danvers Statement

The Chicago Statement on Inerrancy

Abstract of Principles

The Nashville Statement

(May have a differing view of XVII - The Lord's Day).

The Pillar Network Statement of Partnership

Church planting partnerships are essential in fulfilling the Great Commission and imperative for cooperating through the Pillar Network. We can do more together than apart through partnerships that encourage gospel collaboration.

We affirm that every church planter involved in a network has a stewardship before God to be faithful to their supporters. We all have limited amounts of time, energy and resources to invest in relationships with other churches.

With this in mind, it is the policy of the Pillar Network that each church plant has only one national network partner (the Pillar Network) in addition to their relationships with SBC entities. Our rationale for this is as follows:

Key Points of Successful Partnership:

  • We desire Pillar Network churches to fully partner with the Pillar Network and not be participants in name only. It takes intentional time and effort to develop mutual partnering relationships.

  • We believe that church planters who engage in multiple networks will become distracted or divided in choosing how to invest their time and resources. In the long run, it is not probable to have healthy relationships with multiple networks.

  • We seek to avoid overlapping demands and efforts in regard to coaching, training, and network involvement. Each network will have its own expectations, events, and desires for their church planters.

  • We understand that church planters need financial and people resources to be effective. This is a stark reality, but church planters should understand resources tend to come with expectations for church planters to be active in their sponsoring churches and networks. Church planters should not receive resources from any network or partner just to “make things happen” for their church plant with little intention of maintaining a healthy, partnering relationship with them in the future.

  • We hope that each church plant, as it grows and develops, will plant new churches and give resources through its partnering network to assist in future church planting. Having multiple network partners can complicate this dynamic and cause confusion in knowing how and where to give back and invest in the future.



As a matter of policy and conviction, the Pillar Network does not intervene in the financial decisions of any local church. Therefore, a local church that partners with the Pillar Network may choose to support or sponsor a church plant that is engaging in multiple networks or choose not to do so. Each local church is free to exercise its autonomy before God in these matters.

Although the policy of the Pillar Network is for a church plant belonging to the Pillar Network to have only one network affiliation (other than SBC affiliations), any exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis based upon a written, detailed request by the church planter.

If the Leadership Team, (comprised of the BOD and Executive Director), determines that a prospective Pillar Network church plant is not able to make the relational commitment needed to be a good network partner, it may not allow the church plant to join or remain part of the Pillar Network.

If the Leadership Team determines there has been a lack of adequate involvement by any Pillar Network church plant due to the responsibilities and time commitments demanded by other partners, it may choose to remove the church plant from the Pillar Network.


If a Pillar Network church plant decides to join another network after being approved by the Leadership Team, the Leadership Team may choose to revoke its decision and remove the church plant from the Pillar Network. All monies given to the Pillar Network for the church plant belong to the Pillar Network and will be distributed at the leadership team’s discretion. For example, if a church plant chooses to cease to exist in order to join another network and be re-planted by that network, the Pillar Network leadership team will determine how to distribute the monies that were given to the Pillar Network for the original church plant that no longer exists.

This policy hopes to strengthen all national church planting networks by encouraging each church to partner with one network in order to strengthen relationships and advance the gospel.

NOTE: if you are on STEP 3 of our application process, one of our staff members will forward you the signing version of our Covenant of Partnership.