Church Highlight: Redeeming Grace

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Your name: Kevin Sanders 

Your spouse and children’s names:

Wife- Lauren

Children- Hudson, Riley, Piper, Aiden, Haddon

Name of your church: Redeeming Grace Church

Location of church: Arlington, Massachusetts

Date church was planted (if your church is a plant): Our first public weekly gathering was September 18th, 2016

Name of partnering church(es): NewBranch Community Church, Redemption Hill Church

What are the reasons you decided to plant a church in your city (if your church is a plant)? Boston is a city with a rich gospel history but is currently in great need of healthy churches.  Yet God is doing incredible things through church plants and some churches that have been laboring faithfully here for years. When preaching here, George Whitfield once said, “If I am in prison, to hear that the Boston people are alive to Christ will make me arise at midnight and sing praises to God!” God has brought awakening throughout this region before, could he not do it again? We want to be a part of God using the ordinary means of gospel proclamation and prayer to bring about a revival in Arlington and Greater Boston.

What have you seen the Lord do in and through your church/church plant?

Two weeks after moving in we had a BBQ to meet all of our neighbors. We connected with one neighbor who has become a friend and now frequents our weekly worship gathering. While hesitant at first, this person now trusts and desires to be a part of what we’re doing. Stories like this are reminders that faithful witness takes time and patience. We are praying that God gives growth to the seeds planted.

What do you hope to see the Lord do in and through your church in the future?

We want to see God save those who are hearing the gospel through our ministry. We desire to become a reproducing church; a church of disciple-making disciples that equips and sends. We desire for churches to be planted out of Redeeming Grace.

What advice do you have for current or future church planters?

  • Submit to a healthy local church and have them disciple, assess, and send you out.
  • Read more on ecclesiology than on strategy. Strategy is important, but it needs to be grounded in a biblical understanding of what the church is and how it functions.
  • Be patient (2 Timothy 4:2). It took longer for us to move here than anticipated. It’s taken longer to do what we hoped to do since we’ve been here. Beware of the fast-paced church culture of our day. Put your hand to the plow of evangelism, discipleship, and prayer and trust God with the results.

What are your 3-4 main prayer requests?

  • Pray for more committed believers to join our core team
  • Pray for someone to lead music during our weekly gatherings
  • Pray for evangelistic fruit from our efforts

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Jenna DiPrima graduated from Clemson University in 2009 with a degree in English and received her Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2015. Prior to coming on staff with the Pillar Network, Jenna worked as the Assistant Director of Generation LINK for several years. Jenna and her husband Alex live in Winston-Salem, NC are they are in the beginning stages of planting Emmanuel Church.