Why Support a Church Planting Network?

Tim Dale FAQ 0

Like you, I need good, solid reasons to give God’s money to any ministry. I am not a pastor; I am a retired businessman. I am also a part of a core team that planted a church. I need good reasons to give outside my church which itself is a church plant. I need good… continue reading »

How Do You Plant Churches?

Jesse Crowley FAQ 0

The post is the second post in our series on “Frequent Asked Questions.” 1- Why Plant Churches? 2- How Do You Plant Churches? Each month I join about seven other church planters for conversation, dreaming, the licking of wounds and encouragement. It’s a service station of sorts, a place to check tire pressure and fill… continue reading »

Why Plant Churches?

Curtis Cook FAQ 0

Why would a local church want to plant more churches? This is a good and very important question. People ask this question for a number of reasons. Some ask it because they are honestly curious and seeking to understand while others are resistant and seeking to push back against this idea. I believe there is… continue reading »