I Can’t Be Better Than God

Jesse Crowley Evangelism 0

“the gospel is only good news if it gets there on time.” Carl C. F. Henry I was with a friend. We just finished breakfast and ordered an Uber for the airport. Our driver, smiling ear to ear was interesting, fun and creative. He had what I would consider Chicago style blues playing in his… continue reading »

We Possess Power

Martie Mangum Evangelism 0

Approximately six months ago I had a young man approach me and inquire about pursuing a relationship with God. This young man is 18 years old and was still in high school at that time. He grew up in a divided home. His father is a Mormon and his mother is a Catholic. They divorced… continue reading »

7 Fuels for Evangelism in the Established Church

Matt Rogers Evangelism 0

There is no shortage of voices bemoaning the state of the established church in America. A common theme among these books, blogs, sermons, and podcasts is the claim that the established church is failing miserably when it comes to evangelistic urgency and effectiveness. This reality demands a solution. It’s not helpful to simply point out… continue reading »

5 Key Ingredients for Successful Big Events

Steve Lindenmeyer Evangelism 0

For many churches, big events are a critical component of a strategic and comprehensive ministry plan. These large-scale ministry events provide opportunities for exposure, name recognition, community service, relationship building, and outreach. Big events can be a great catalyst for mobilizing leaders, serving needs and establishing a profile in the community. Though these events should… continue reading »

Why Evangelism Matters

Christian White Evangelism 1

I have to admit something. When I was given the topic “why evangelism matters” I first had to stop and ask the question: Is anyone really debating why evangelism matters? While there is meaningful conversation around issues such as the dynamics present in an evangelistic conversation, and identifying the best motivations for evangelizing, most Bible… continue reading »