What is the Role of Discipline in Discipleship?

Dr. Scott Wilson Discipleship 0

Cereal and steak. Chocolate cake and broccoli. Oil and water. That’s probably about how well most people view discipleship and church discipline going together. The words “discipleship” and “discipline” sound similar, but for many in the church that’s where the similarities end. Many see church “discipline” as harsh or mean-spirited. They see it as the… continue reading »

What is the Role of Preaching in Discipleship?

Dr. Chuck Fuller Discipleship 0

In a sense, preaching runs counter to our normal disciple-making strategies. It’s not democratic like a small group discussion. It’s not conversational like an accountability meeting over coffee. It’s not personal like a long-term mentoring relationship. Compared to the way we conceive discipleship, preaching seems dictatorial, declarative, and disconnected. How, then, does it aid discipleship?… continue reading »

What is a Disciple?

Christian White Discipleship 0

Do you want to be excellent at everything you do? Do you feel the pressure to balance being the perfect dad or mom, student, professional, church member, neighbor, friend, and the list goes on? I know for me, life often feels like wearing a lot of hats, trying to be the best at these I… continue reading »