We Do Hard Things

Amelia Woods Church Planting 0

So, we are church planting. It’s a big deal. And we are still trying to wrap our minds around it. I’m sure some of you remember the day when you finally announced it, and all of a sudden, it became more real. Well, that is what happened to us this week. In the midst of… continue reading »

Momentum in Church Planting

Jesse Crowley Church Planting 0

This post is Part 4 in our series “The Second Plant in Every Church Plant.” Read Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. I’m the outreach, mission, and young adults pastor at a church plant in its sixth year. Ok, so I guess we’re not a church plant anymore; after six years, evidently we’re now… continue reading »

Facilitating Facilities

Rush Witt Church Planting 0

The church is not a building; it’s a people. How many times have you heard that? The number must be over a thousand, and rightly so because it’s so true. When the church becomes a building, the church becomes ugly – a collection of hosted programs, the overseer of thermostats, the debater of carpet colors…. continue reading »

Why Join a Church Planting Network?

Matt Rogers Church Planting 0

Church planting is hard work—there’s so much to do, so many decisions to make, and so many people vying for your attention. Amid the chaos, it’s easy to neglect tools that may prove vital to your long-term effectiveness as a church plant simply because these tools do not seem necessary at the time. Church planting… continue reading »

5 Subtle Signs of a Dying Church

Scott Catoe Church Planting 0

Of all the things we have euphemisms for, death is at the top of the list. “Passed,” “passed away,” “moved on,” and many others, serve as sanitized phrases to convey what we are truly talking about here: Likewise, when we speak of dying churches, we often sanitize our language in much the same way: “we’ve… continue reading »