Why Support a Church Planting Network?

Tim Dale FAQ 0

Like you, I need good, solid reasons to give God’s money to any ministry. I am not a pastor; I am a retired businessman. I am also a part of a core team that planted a church. I need good reasons to give outside my church which itself is a church plant. I need good… continue reading »

Coaching Session with Brad Bigney: How to Stay Alive Spiritually While Planting a Church

Jenna DiPrima Spiritual Health 0

In our coaching session earlier today, we were blessed to hear from Brad Bigney at Grace Fellowship in Fort Thomas, KY. Brad discussed perseverance and endurance in church planting and ministry. Brad Bigney is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Free Church of America, and is a graduate of both Columbia Bible College and Columbia Biblical Seminary… continue reading »

How Do You Plant Churches?

Jesse Crowley FAQ 0

The post is the second post in our series on “Frequent Asked Questions.” 1- Why Plant Churches? 2- How Do You Plant Churches? Each month I join about seven other church planters for conversation, dreaming, the licking of wounds and encouragement. It’s a service station of sorts, a place to check tire pressure and fill… continue reading »

Why Plant Churches?

Curtis Cook FAQ 0

Why would a local church want to plant more churches? This is a good and very important question. People ask this question for a number of reasons. Some ask it because they are honestly curious and seeking to understand while others are resistant and seeking to push back against this idea. I believe there is… continue reading »

Conflict With Church Members

Adam Darnell Conflict 0

A few years into my ministry at South Durham Church, a church member lost her grandfather. The two of them were very close. I was also very close with this member’s husband. But, being a new pastor, and very green, I followed up with the church member and her husband, if memory serves, all of… continue reading »

Church Highlight: Redemption Hill Church

Jenna DiPrima Church Highlight 0

Your name: Jon Chasteen Your spouse and children’s names: Spouse: Leigh Chasteen Children: Ava (10) Emet (8) Owen (6) Zoe (4) Foster Daughter (2 ½) Name of your church: Redemption Hill Church Location of church: Medford, MA (5 miles north of Boston) Date church was planted: April 10, 2011 Name of partnering church(es): Hope Fellowship Church,… continue reading »

Conflict Among Fellow Elders

Ken Rucker Conflict 0

For the nearly twenty years I’ve been in vocational ministry, I’ve always served in a setting that understood the need for a plurality of elders. Prior to this, I served as a lay elder for a number of years as well. I’m grateful for the foundation of a Biblical ecclesiology that others laid as a… continue reading »