We Do Hard Things

Amelia Woods Church Planting 0

So, we are church planting. It’s a big deal. And we are still trying to wrap our minds around it. I’m sure some of you remember the day when you finally announced it, and all of a sudden, it became more real. Well, that is what happened to us this week. In the midst of… continue reading »

2017 Pillar Network Unite Conference

Jenna DiPrima News and Updates 0

We are looking forward to the 2017 Pillar Network Unite Conference! We will be welcoming Dr. Phil Newton as our as our main speaker and will be discussing the important topic of training and raising up spiritual leaders. You can read more details and register here.

Church Highlight: SALT Covenant

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Your name:  Keith Louthan  Your spouse and children’s names: Amy (married 12/22/1990), Austin (22), Hunter (19), Ellison (16) Name of your church:   SALT Covenant Church Location of church: Wilmington, NC Date church was planted (if your church is a plant): Hard to identify a date.  Began praying as a core group in November of… continue reading »

I Can’t Be Better Than God

Jesse Crowley Evangelism 0

“the gospel is only good news if it gets there on time.” Carl C. F. Henry I was with a friend. We just finished breakfast and ordered an Uber for the airport. Our driver, smiling ear to ear was interesting, fun and creative. He had what I would consider Chicago style blues playing in his… continue reading »

Momentum in Church Planting

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This post is Part 4 in our series “The Second Plant in Every Church Plant.” Read Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. I’m the outreach, mission, and young adults pastor at a church plant in its sixth year. Ok, so I guess we’re not a church plant anymore; after six years, evidently we’re now… continue reading »

We Possess Power

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Approximately six months ago I had a young man approach me and inquire about pursuing a relationship with God. This young man is 18 years old and was still in high school at that time. He grew up in a divided home. His father is a Mormon and his mother is a Catholic. They divorced… continue reading »