Why Join a Church Planting Network?

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Church planting is hard work—there’s so much to do, so many decisions to make, and so many people vying for your attention. Amid the chaos, it’s easy to neglect tools that may prove vital to your long-term effectiveness as a church plant simply because these tools do not seem necessary at the time. Church planting… continue reading »

7 Fuels for Evangelism in the Established Church

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There is no shortage of voices bemoaning the state of the established church in America. A common theme among these books, blogs, sermons, and podcasts is the claim that the established church is failing miserably when it comes to evangelistic urgency and effectiveness. This reality demands a solution. It’s not helpful to simply point out… continue reading »

Spiritual Sickness

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I’m not exactly sure how I got there. I assume there were numerous factors that caused it. But, one day I just woke up in a funk. I was apathetic about things that once drove me to action. I was lethargic in my daily responsibilities, listless in the things that should give me joy. My… continue reading »