Cooperating together to plant and revitalize churches in North America

Our Purpose

The Pillar Network exists to cooperate with local churches, individuals, and businesses to promote church planting and church revitalization in North America.

Member churches cooperating within The Pillar Network will be responsible to:

  • Maintain healthy cooperation with other Pillar Network Churches
  • Be actively engaged in church planting and/or revitalization opportunities within the Pillar Network
  • Fulfill all requirements noted within the Covenant of Partnership
  • Individuals and businesses will display healthy cooperation by giving of their time, giftedness, talents, and financial supporting fulfilling the mission and vision of The Pillar Network

Our Characteristics

  • Fulfill the Great Commission through disciple-making and church planting
  • Emphasize live, expository teaching and preaching
  • Express stylistic freedom in music through Christ-centered worship
  • Submit to Christ under the care of a plurality of elders
  • Seek to develop authentic, biblical fellowship
  • Assist church reform and revitalization
  • Cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Affirm God’s Sovereignty and Scriptural Authority in all things

Why Partner with the Pillar Network?

So beginning in 2017, every church planting church has…

-A one-to-one relationship with a healthy, like-minded church plant;

-Ability to give dollar for dollar to an assessed, like-minded church plant within the Southern Baptist Convention;

-Ability to partner with the North American Mission Board’s SEND strategy while maintaining partnership with a long-term coaching network;

-Assistance in long-term training and coaching once church planters are on the field, particularly via the 6 month, 18 month, and three year evaluation window;

-Collaborative engagement with church planters around missional strategy and effective church leadership via monthly phone calls with 3-4 national calls per year and 6 regional coaching sessions;

-Partnership with Summer LINK mission sending strategy and Generation LINK internship and residency strategy;

-Free resources such as leadership development, elder assessment, budgets, sending strategies, and other tools that aid existing churches in sending well;

-Potential partnership with Southern Baptist seminaries in order to provide seminary course credit for future church planters;

-A job board of like-minded churches where they can make others aware of staffing needs;

-A community of like-minded churches with whom they can plant future churches.


And every church plant has . . .

-Two on site visits from a pastor within Pillar Network for each of the first two years;

-Free registration to the Unite Conference for the lead planter and his wife for the first two years;

-Up to 2,500 dollars of start-up costs provided to the lead planter of every new Pillar Church at the outset of the year in which the church will launch;

-A formal evaluation of the church, the church planter, and the church planter’s family 6 months, 18 months, and three years after launch;

-Opportunity for students to be sent through the Summer LINK mission sending strategy;

-Free resources such as fund raising training, elder assessments, and strategic planning tools developed by leaders in the network;

-A support staff that can provide payroll oversight;

-Partnership with the lead planter in accessing the church’s first elders and/or the next church planters who will be sent from the church;

-One regional event for pastors each year for a time of networking and community building between pastors in the network;

-Monthly coaching—3 to 4 national network calls per year and 6 regional coaching meetings with strategic, targeted topics addressing the needs of planters in those first years;

-A quarterly meeting with another pastor in the region or a regional strategist in order to provide soul-care for the new pastor;

-A quarterly phone call between the wife of a sending church and the wife of the planter;

-Access to a team of web developers to aid in the creation of a basic church website;

-Graphic design support staff;

-Recognition throughout North America of partnership with a healthy, SBC church planting network.