A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words.

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For this week’s blog, we wanted to try something a bit different…

Rather than pushing out a traditional blog posting, we thought it would be interesting to compile a photo blog, capturing key images and captions from the ladies’ events during Unite 2017.  As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in these images/captions, recorded by Tara Dew, one can clearly see a wide range of stories, emotions, and impacted lives, thanks in part to our wonderful Pillar Network volunteers!


A Photo Blog by Tara Dew
(Click the images below for a larger view).

Our theme for the ladies events of the 2017 UNITE Conference was “Choose Joy.”

We were so glad for each and every lady who attended and wanted them to feel welcome and appreciated!

Our first session was a “Meet and Greet.” The ladies enjoyed moving to different tables and answering silly questions to get to know each other.

In our second session, entitled “Choosing Joy in the Grace of Jesus,” the ladies enjoyed some discussion and Bible study about the joy that is found in our salvation.

Remembering who we were before Christ and who we are now (Eph 2:1-22), should always cause us to rejoice!

On Tuesday night, we offered a Ladies Night Out, called “Lattes and Lettering.” Our women enjoyed cookies and coffee at a local coffee shop, while learning some hand-lettering techniques.

All of the ladies were able to make something to bring home with our conference theme: Choose JOY!

What a fun night we all had!

Sarah Rogers shared in our third session, entitled “Choosing Joy when Serving Others.” She encouraged the ladies to find joy in God’s Word and His World.

On Wednesday afternoon, the women interns of Open Door put on a “spa day” for the attendees. You could choose to make a sugar scrub with Charissa…

Or have a back massage with a masseuse like Ericka.

Or maybe a hand massage is just what you would need…

Our Ladies Events at the UNITE conference concluded with an Afternoon Tea. There was no shortage of yummy goodies!

The time of fellowship while sipping tea was sweet!  Pinkies up!

Sweet Carol Dale was such an encouragement in our final session together, entitled “Choosing Joy through the Seasons of Life.” Speaking as an older sister in the faith, who has been through her shares of ups and downs, Carol encouraged the ladies to stay close to Christ and find joy in Him no matter the season you find yourself in.






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